About us

Hi there! 
My name is Alie Romano a.k.a owner of Arcavia!  Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love for fashion and design and running my own business was always a dream of mine.  I was a Junior in high school when I started my jewelry business, Southside Charms.  Little did I know my brand was just getting started.  Fast forward six years later, and I can proudly say my company has evolved in many ways.  2022 was a monumental year for me to say the least.   I experienced a number of changes in my life–including graduating college and starting a new chapter of my life. It was also the year I decided I was going to completely rebrand my business.  After months of planning, and strategically rebuilding my brand, Arcavia was born.  Arcavia’s mission is to provide customers with high quality, reliable pieces that can be lived in. Each individual piece is handmade and designed entirely by myself on a daily basis.  My ultimate goal is to help people find pieces that allow them to express their individual style, making them feel confident and beautiful.  With that being said, I am so thankful for each and every one of my customers and supporters.  It’s people like you who motivate me to turn my dreams into reality. Without you all, this journey wouldn't be possible.  Whether you’ve been with me since day one or are just now discovering my brand, I can’t thank you enough!  This is just the beginning for Arcavia and I can’t wait for all the exciting things to come.

xx, Alie